1984 -- Rods and Cones

Rods and Cones is coming out of the woodwork, with a vengeance.

Go check out "Education in Love" here, freshly available!

The band, in its first iteration, performed and recorded from 1982 through 1988. One track, "Round Room," from 1983, appeared on the compilation "Boston Rock and Roll, Volume 3." Then came our self-titled, five-song EP in 1985, featuring the Boston-area hit "Education in Love." Finally, in 1988, came our swan song, the full-length album "New Breed." Some live material was also released on the short-lived CBGB label.

None of this music was ever released on compact disc. And now that CDs are going the way of the 8-track cartridge, it's getting a bit late in the day. We skipped a format! Ah, but in this interconnected world, nothing gets lost forever. These tracks will soon be available, via MP3, at a screen near you.

Aside from our eventful live performances, Rods and Cones was best known for the video to "Education in Love." We had written the tune very quickly, in the spring of '85, and we recorded it at Polymedia Studio on Newbury Street in Boston, engineered by Alec Murphy. Our guitar player, Gary France, arranged for a couple of talented film students from Emerson College, Kris Hockemeyer and Peter Martinez, to create a video for it.

As I said, check it out here.

I'm the skinny guy on bass.

Back in '85, the timing for this video was fortuitous. The local UHF music station V-66 had just gone live on the airwaves, and they needed local material to broadcast. Thanks to "the V," this tune got lots of play.

And also thanks to "the V," Rods and Cones will be appearing in Boston for the first time in 22 years. On Thursday, Feb. 11, we will appear at House of Blues. We'll be playing "Education in Love" and many other tunes from that era. If you were there, or if you are curious about what it was like back then, come check us out.

Otherwise, you may not get another chance until 2032.

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